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Swedish tuition for Immigrants (SFI)

Swedish for immigrants, SFI, is a basic education in the Swedish language. The education is for adult immigrants who do not have Swedish as their mother tounge. For more information, contact the Study and Career Counsellor.

You have the right to SFI studies if you

  • are registered in Vimmerby municipality
  • are over the age of 16
  • lack basic knowledge of the Swedish language

Introduction course

If you are a beginner, you start with an introduction course that lasts for about a month. The course, you will be placed in, is determined by previous education, goals for your future studies and which study rate suits you best (slow, medium or fast). You will get a placement in the most suitable course after completing the introductory course. A new introductory course starts every month.

Evening course

We normally have SFI evening courses one evening every week: Mondays between 4 and 7 p.m. It is for those who work during the day. Registration is made through our digital application portal.

Three study paths

SFI consists of three study paths.

Study path 1 (course A + B + C + D)

Study path 1 is a slow study path that is for those who

  • have little or no education from their home country
  • are illiterate
  • are unsure of the Latin alphabet
  • are unsure about writing and reading

Study path 2 (course B + C + D)

Study path 2 is normal study rate. It is aimed at those who

  • have primary education from their home country
  • are highly educated, but who needs to study at a slower rate
  • are unsure about writing and reading

Study path 3 (course C + D)

Study path 3 has a fast study rate and is for those who

  • have upper secondary education or higher education from their home country
  • have the ability to work independently at a faster rate

How long is the course?

The length of the course is individual. How long you need to study depends on your educational background, prior knowledge of Swedish or similar languages, planned study path and your ability to learn Swedish as a second language.


You will receive a grade after completing the course.



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Mer information

Municipal adult education in Swedish tuition for Immigrants (SFI). Syllabus in different languages:

Swedish for immigrants, Swedish National Agency for Education Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.


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